Journey into a different culture

My life continues to unfold as a tapestry still being woven. I’m an educator by profession, an artist by temperament and passion, and an aunt, teacher, coach, mentor and friend to many people.

I invite you to join me on a journey into a different culture – for Ghanaians perhaps you learn more about an American, for Americans perhaps you learn more about one person’s African experience. I am naming this space “Collaborative Worlds” because that characterizes what I see myself as hoping for as I prepare to teach and learn overseas for the coming academic year.

11 months ago, I submitted an application for a Fulbright Fellowship. 2 months ago, I received word that I had been selected for the program. In 5 weeks, I leave for Accra, Ghana to teach and research for the coming year. I am in search of new ways of conceptualizing business within society such that leaders and organizational designs contribute to the well being of the whole, not just maximize short term self and single-firm financial interest (see my faculty webpage for articles that explore this more deeply). But businesses are merely groups of people contracted to work towards a goal. Many people in business have formal education – either through high school or college or even perhaps a masters degree. Therefore, I see an opportunity to shift how and why business gets tomorrow by shifting how we educate people today.  To these ends, I will study two highly interrelated phenomena in Africa:

  • extraordinary leaders and businesses in Ghana listening what enhances the collective, and
  • dimensions of education and society along which educators might experiment shifting such that we serve societies of tomorrow.

Ashesi University will host me. The word Ashesi means “new beginnings.” That name is fitting for their vision, as well as for how I perceive this fellowship opportunity in my own life journey.

I should note that nothing I write on this blog should be considered authoritative about Ghana, about the United States, about the U.S. Department of State or Education through which the Council for International Exchange operates, or about the Fulbright program.  This blog is merely my reflections and my experiences. My hope though is that my experiences create a window through which readers can experience a different world – my world of teaching and learning in Africa.

I offer my experiences in hopes of fostering collaboration among many worlds, including the one within you, the reader.

Join me in creating collaborative worlds. Sign up to follow posts, then comment, pose questions, post reflections, share links. Together we can all engage in teaching and learning in Africa.

2 responses to “Journey into a different culture

  1. How wonderful! Congratulations on the Fullbright, and best wishes for your adventure! I’ll look forward to reading your blog

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