Hands – a poem by Leadership student Michael Fiifi Quansa

Michael Quansah serves as Ashesi’s student council president. He was one of five Ashesi students selected by Goldman Sachs for a spring internship in April. And when it was his turn in class to ‘visualize leadership’ in some creative way, Michael wrote and performed a poem, ending it with sign language as he spoke.


“Hands” by Michael Fiifi Quansah

Hands are for taking pictures and for moulding clay,
Hands are for counting and hands are for collecting,
Hands are for begging and hands are for giving,
Hands are for eating and drinking,
And hands are for texting and swiping,
Hands are for praying and smacking, ‘arses’
Hands are for healing and hands are for masturbating,
Hands are for cooking and cleaning,
Hands are for pulling and hands are for pushing,
Hands are for saving and hands are for pulling triggers,
Hands are for blessing and hands are for cursing,
Hands are for holding a new born baby and burying the dead and gone,
Hands are for holding your loved ones  and hands are for pushing the hate away,
Hands are for planting and hands are for harvesting,
Old hands say goodbye and new hands say welcome,
Hands are for saying “I love you”.

Some of the Leadership 4 crowd showing their hands!

Some of the Leadership 4 crowd showing their hands!



Posted with Michael’s permission.


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