Beyond precipitation

GhanaFall2012 234Rainy season brings the obvious — rain. What I have never considered are implications of rain beyond flooding and washed out roads. In fact, rainy season here in the Eastern Region, Ghana, the most beautiful birds, insects, flowers, fruits have flourished with the rain. Okay, sometimes, I’ve been caught in the rain and one time an uninvited critter came in from the rain, but beyond that, the now cool season has much to brag about.  (My apologies to anyone who’s running on low bandwidth and therefore can’t easily see the picture show).

Here is a sample of the region’s rainy shifts —

AprilMay 302 AprilMay 261 AprilMay 298 AprilMay 156 May_June2013 316 May_June2013 344  GhanaFall2012 283 May_June2013 301 May_June2013 334 May_June2013 126May_June2013 049 May_June2013 180 May_June2013 266 May_June2013 268


4 responses to “Beyond precipitation

  1. I hope the beautiful flowers and birds were the “critters” that entered your room. We are looking forward to seeing you soon. Eugenia

  2. Normally a picture of the snail above – a Giant African Snail I think – would worry me b/c they are a big pest in the US and other places. But, considering you are posting from Africa – just part of the beautiful native flora and fauna. Can’t believe that you will be back soon. Hope to make up for my lack of routine communication. Erika mentioned a little get together next weekend but I will be out of town so martinis in my apartment anytime you are ready. Safe travels.

  3. I have enjoyed ALL of your blogs so much; what an experience you have had. Know you will be home soon and I’m looking forward to seeing you!

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