I am dedicated to expanding global social well-being through business by developing organizational systems and human capacity. I have worked in corporate, non-profit, and academic settings bringing me experience and insights contributing to my action research — iterative cycles of reflection and theorizing through my writing; testing hypotheses and discovering new knowledge through my organizational engagements; and integrating new and existing ideas through my teaching and coaching.

I  ground my action research in lessons from my Wharton MBA, my Case Western Reserve organizational behavior PhD, and my professional development studies at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland.

Currently, I am a Fulbright Scholar teaching and learning in Ghana, and I continue to hold the John Shearn Chair in Business at Southwestern University. My teaching, writing, consulting and coaching all intentionally align to advance ways in which individuals and businesses can act as agents of world benefit. Therefore, I study and experiment with educational innovation such that undergraduate business majors might enter their adult years equipped with capacities to critically inquire, to act with compassion and courage, and to foster integrity.

To this end, I also draw on my professional years as a non-profit administrator, development director of a major public aquarium, organization and change strategist at a national corporate consulting firm, and project director of several multi-institutional inquiries.

I invite you to contact me if these ideas matter to you.

I welcome opportunities to collaborate on research, writing and consulting projects  aimed at developing “good” business.


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